Bengali Movie: 100% Love
Cast: Jeet & Koyel Mullick
Directed by: Ravi Kinagi
Produced by: Shree Venkatesh Films & Grassroot Entertainments
Music by: Jeet Ganguly & Samidh Mukherjee
Movie Preview: 100% Love tells the story of ‘Rahul’ (Jeet), a carefree and unemployed young man who only loves having a good time with friends. ‘Rahul’ is happy to live under the shadow of his father and is least interested to take up a proper career for himself. His life changes when he meets ‘Anuradha’ (Koyel Mullick).
After a few meetings, the two fall in love. But the situation is not as smooth as it seems. ‘Rahul’ and ‘Anuradha’ are poles apart as far as their characteristic traits are concerned. While life represents a long, unending party for ‘Rahul’, ‘Anuradha’ comes from a conservative family and has strict morals and is extremely methodical in her way of life. ‘Rahul’, in the hope of winning over the girl, becomes serious in his outlook towards life. ‘Anuradha’, however, is torn between her love for ‘Rahul’ and her commitments towards her family, which she values deeply.

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