Bengali Movie: Prem Amar
Cast : Soham Chakraborty, Payal Sarkar, Laboni Sarkar, Biswajit Chakraborty, Supriyo Dutta
Director : Raj Chakraborty
Music Director : Jeet Ganguly
Screenplay : Abhimanyu
Cinematography : Kumud Verma, Somak Mukherjee
Editor : Rabiranjan Moitra
Producer : Shree Venkatesh Films
Date of Release : October 9, 2009

Movie Preview: Prem Amar is a romantic drama. Rabi (Soham Chakraborty), the protagonist, lives in a railway colony. His life is all about fooling around with friends, teasing girls, smoking or getting drunk at night. He has already failed four times in H.S. examination and he does not even think of career. At this juncture, a girl Ria (Payel Sarkar) comes to live in his colony and rabi falls head-over-heels on her. But Ria’s parents want her to marry family friend Rajib, who also financially support their family. Although Ria ignores Rabi at first, soon they become good friends. She motivates him to change his lifestyle and gets him a job too. But Ria’s family stands against this relationship. Against all odds, one night, Ria and Rabi meet and spend together. In the morning, Ria aanounces she will marry Rajib to support her family. This leads to a quarrel, Ria departs but faces an accident and dies while Rabi gets injured. After recovering, Rabi tries to kill himself but Ria’s soul makes him realize the need for him to be alive and glorify their love. Watch a promo and few songs (Prem Amar, Bojhena, Jage Re, Uru Uru Swapno, Ku Ru Ku Ku Ku) from the movie below.

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