Bangla Movie:- Khoka 420
                                                            Cast:- Dev, Subhashree, Nusrat, Laboni Sarkar, Kunal Padhi, Tapas Paul, Partha Sarathi and late Haradhan Bandopadhyay
Direction: Rajib
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 38 minutes

Story:-Pampered son of an industrialist, Krish (Khoka, as his mother calls him) is a soft-hearted guy, who can't see his friends in distress. Megha, his love interest, is a sweet and bubbly girl. One day, Megha introduces Krish to Bhoomi, her good friend. She requests him to help out Bhoomi. Krish can't refuse and lands up at Bhoomi's place...
Forget Superman and Spiderman — Krish (Dev) is all superheroes rolled into one. He can fight 20 men single-handedly. He is intelligent, smart and quick-witted. He can sing and dance as well. Want more? Krish is one lucky man who gets to romance two women at the same time.
The story is not new, but it is the packaging that makes Khoka 420 an interesting watch. Bhoomi (Subhashree) wants to pursue higher education in the US, but her father wants her to marry his friend's son. As the would-be groom is a baddie, Bhoomi's grandfather (late Haradhan Bandopadhyay) lies that Bhoomi is in love with a boy, living in the city. Prodded by Megha (Nusrat), Krish decides to meet Bhoomi's family, living in the village, pretending to be her boyfriend. Soon he befriends almost everyone in the family except Brajeshwar Ganguly (Tapas Paul), Bhoomi's father. Brajeshwar, being the head of the family is a strict disciplinarian. There's no use questioning him, for his word is law.
During his stay, Krish fixes many issues in the village and even succeeds in bringing the two arch-rivals — Brajeshwar and Manmohan (Rajatava Dutta) together — who turn out to be step-brothers. Impressed with Krish, Bhoomi's dad accepts him in the family and announces his engagement with Bhoomi. The Ganguly family reunites on a happy note and just at this juncture enters Megha, Manmohan's daughter.
Reality strikes as Krish and Bhoomi realize where the problem lies. Bhoomi is already in love with Krish. But she has to sacrifice her love for Megha, her cousin. After all, Krish is Megha's boyfriend. Now, who will Krish finally choose is for you to find out...
The director seems to have only one thing in mind — to churn out a commercial hit. A remake of Telugu film Brindavanam, Khoka 420 is also inspired by various Bollywood movies. For example, there is a touch of the Sanjay Dutt-starrer Khoobsurat, Govinda-starrer Hero No. 1, a hint ofDilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and a pinch of Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, to mention a few.
Dev looks good and sincerely tries to infuse life into his role but it's high time the actor should brush up on his diction else this time the audience would go, "O seeet!!" when saying "Oh shit!"
Nusrat does a fine job both in the acting and dance department, but it is Subhashree's chemistry with Dev that one should watch out for. Tapas Paul lives up to expectations while Laboni Sarkarand Kunal Padhi look their part as Dev's doting parents. No doubt there are funny moments, but it is because of actors like Rajatava, Partha Sarathi and late Haradhan Bandopadhyay that the screen lights up with stellar performances.
The songs, though well-choreographed, lack appeal; the lyrics are not too impressive. Editing should have been tighter. The first half is interesting as the situation unfolds and characters are introduced, but the second half stretches way too long and just when you think it's finally over, it takes off again. Slightly irritating, we say!

However, the film has oodles of action and if you happen to be a Dev fan, give it a shot

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